Is it possible to know if the Person of Interest Fandom was BETTER when everyone was on board, with all of the passions for the CORE 4 and the original concept of the show, or is it just as appealing now? Ratings and viewership have declined, and there is not as much news or actor buzz.. WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON WITH THIS DRAMA?




Okay, get ready for a long one:

Here’s are my observations about current viewers - after reading and lurking on a few fan forums and some conversations I’ve had with other POI fans. In no particular order and without analyzing (much):

1-We have new viewers who will find the current stronger sci-fi  element of the show intriguing and a change from the usual network offerings. First impressions are everything. They don’t have the previous seasons as their first impression and therefore, won’t miss it initially (maybe reviewing previous episodes changes that to some degree??). Will they stay or will they go in season 4?


2-Viewers who are just going with the flow - characters die all the time. They aren’t involved in FANDOM or the politics of black characters or female characters. It’s just entertainment, an escape for them. They don’t get what all the fuss is about. Will they stay or will they go in season 4?


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I left the fandom when it became all about shipping. I don’t ship anyone because I’m not interested in a romance TV show. 

At the end of this season I will quit watching POI because I have no interest in either the machine or Root. I’m not impressed with a machine that can be nullified by pulling the power source and I just do not get Root and her “I just want to set it free” mentality.

I’ve found the writing to be sloppy, boring and predictable since midway thru S2. I kept hoping that it would improve, but it just got worse. I thought that since I was a fan of Jim Caviezel, I could just coast thru every episode, but that is not true.

It seems that the mid-season finale and season ending finale’s will also be “Oh no, Reese & Finch are in BIG trouble! Everybody is out to get them. Or maybe it is Shaws turn to be in jeopardy? Who will survive?” This is the writer’s version of crying wolf.

I remain a fan of Jim Caviezel and will watch his movies, but I’m done with POI after this season.

Lenora, I remember you being one of the biggest supporters of the petition to Kill Carter during early Season 1 http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/kill-off-detective-car-cbs-person-of-interest-show/signatures.html and still hating her in Season 2 enough to post this comment:


so I really expected you to be very happy with “Person of Interest” since she actually *was* killed!

Funny how things worked out…


ok so i know that allison argent gets a lot of recognition for being a strong female character who doesnt take shit but what about carter, the police officer from person of interest? she’s a strong female of color and she doesnt take any shit

i mean im still in the middle of season 1 (ive been watching it in my downtime in choru class) but… still, shes been a pretty strong character as far as ive seen.

You are correct. I think that part of the issue is that “Person of Interest”  flies under the radar in general, even though viewership has been high.



Throughout the months of POI episodes, I’ve seen posts where people talk about the lack of scenes for certain characters, in particular John Reese. It doesn’t need anymore saying how much I love John, he’s my immediate favorite after Harold; however, I don’t understand the…

My problem with POI right now isn’t the addition of Shaw or Reese’s screentime, particularly. It’s that it isn’t as well written or interesting since they stopped focusing on the number of the week and started focusing on Shaw, Root and the Machine. I liked the number of the week format, and from two thirds of the way through S2 and continuing on through season 3, what we’ve had is a sense of them making it all up as they go along and creating ongoing arcs and enemies that never get resolved and just become more and more convoluted and less and less interesting as a result. The finale of S2 had every single villain the show has established so far thrown at it and was boring and disjointed as a result.
I like Shaw (I’m a massive Sarah Shahi fan going back to her days in ‘The L Word’), but she fits the tired trope of bloodthirsty female ninja who is a sexy killer and that’s not a trope I personally enjoy. What was engaging initially about Reese and Finch is that they were both such very damaged people who healed each other through their work together, at least a bit. Shaw isn’t even seeking redemption - she enjoys killing and hurting and her enjoyment is used as a joke as Harold tries repeatedly to rein her back in. She doesn’t seem particularly sold on the ‘helping people’ thing - she seems to be onboard simply because it gives her a reason to be a badass. Reese sought redemption through the work, but Shaw doesn’t seem to care much as long as she gets to kill people. I hope the show turns that around but they seem too in love with her as a sexy emotionless killer to do so.

I have problems with both the main female characters on POI - Carter was fantastic but she got killed off, pointlessly from what I can understand from the interviews. Root and Shaw are both problematic as female characters, and both intrinsically less likeable than the two men - on purpose it seems, and written and performed that way. That also bothers me. Shahi is capable of being a good deal more interesting, engaging and sympathetic than the character of Shaw is allowing her to be. I think she’s wasted on the show to be honest - she deserves her own show with a more interesting, nuanced, *real* character to portray. I think the actress playing Root is both annoying and miscast, and I find her irritating every time she’s onscreen. I’ve seen her in a few things now, and this is easily her least convincing role.

There’s no point pretending POI is as good as it was. Every single episode used to rock, because each one told a tight, involving story. That’s simply not the case anymore. The plotting is becoming more way out and convoluted, and the show isn’t as engaging as it was. I don’t think it’s particularly well written TV anymore, but it used to be.

It’s refreshing to read a post like this from a neutral POI viewer. 








oh boy the ratings….

Watch your mouth.


LOL! ooh that reminds me I need to block a certain person from my 2nd account….

I have been laughing my ass off literally at it being…

And the half hour ratings tell even more of the story. 1.9 first half, and 1.6 the second half, which adjusts to 1.7. That his a big loss.

sweet baby Jesus, that 1.6 overall is closer than I thought.  Give God praise!

POI’s previous episode, “RAM” (Ep 16), also got a 1.6 in the 18-49 demo during the episode’s last 30 minutes.

Somehow I doubt that they killed off Carter because Taraji was fired. According to an interview they knew from the beginning that Carter was going to be killed, they just didn't know when. In her words: " I don’t want people to think that we had some kind of argument, or there was a falling out. No, no, no. We’re all on the same page and it’s all good."


Thank you :"> And "the beginning" is from season 1? If that is the case I think I begin to see the whole picture.

About Taraji, I think moving on is good for her. According to IMDB page, she has several projects (She will play Idris Elba’s wife!), and honestly everyone knows between movie and TV Series, movie always better for your career. 

Taraji filmed the film with Idris Elba *in between* Seasons 1 and 2 of “Person of Interest”. She is not playing his character’s wife in the movie.

Right now, she’s filming a TV series drama pilot for FOX, so it’s not like she can’t or doesn’t want to juggle both film and TV series.




You just gotta love how Carter/Reese shippers get grief for shipping these two characters. Who wrote all that intimate dialogue between the two in Carter’s last episode? TMFIIC. Who ad-libbed a kiss between the two the last chance he got? Oh yeah. The…

And I notice over and over again how certain people in the fandom just cannot seem to get over Carter and her relationship with Reese even though her character was killed off months ago. JUST. WOW.

What have I missed? New anti-Carter/Reese posts? Link please..

Amazing! Taraji can make a movie in Chicago, with Vince Vaughn, while filming her TV series, "Empire" ! Suck it, Nolan !


SO excited. Don’t ever doubt this woman!

Plus that brings her out near me. Maybe I’ll figure out the filming locations! 

Yep. EMPIRE also is filming in Chicago.

::Happy Birthday, piscestoo!::

Happy Birthday, Natasha!


I have an old friend,how old we have known each other in grade school.My friend is an actress and comedian,who’s been in movies and tv shows before putting her journalism degree to work and has doing commentary on a CBS magazine show. Again how close are we when doing a commentary…

Ceehope, who is Fischer?

Also, do Jim and Michael have only a 4-year contract? I thought that the standard was 5 years.

What is a momentum rating?


I’m going to ask a question and I mean it. Total honesty, right here. You can trust me, I’m a sasquatch.

Do you think Taraji wants to come back?

Because she left a major show in a dramatic, highly publicized way, just as her film career was really starting to take off. I think she’ll be OK. I…

I think you are seriously over-estimating what POI has done for TPH’s career. She had earned an Oscar nomination only 2 years AND an Emmy nomination the same year as joining “Person of Interest”. The summer after she filmed the POI pilot, she filmed “Think Like A Man”,  which would be released during late POI S1 and be the #1 film in the USA at the box office for two weeks straight.

POI may have had high viewership while TPH was on the show, but *she* was rarely promoted by the producers and the network. In terms of media exposure, POI really did very little for her until, ironically, the murder of Carter.